ATO Data-matching Program- Notice of the Services Australia specified benefits and entitlements data-matching program

Medicare Levy Exemption Application 澳洲医疗福利税赦免申请

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will acquire Medicare Exemption Statement (MES) data from Services Australia for 2021 financial year through to 2023 financial year inclusively. The data items include:

■       Full name, date of birth, residential address, postal address, and client reference number identification details

■       Entitlement status, and approved entitlement period details.

We estimate that records relating to approximately 100,000 individuals will be obtained each financial year.

This program will enable the ATO to obtain the MES data from Services Australia and compare it with claims made by a taxpayer on their income tax returns, allowing us to:

■       identify those taxpayers that are entitled to claim the specified exemptions, along with those that may have made a claim for an exemption to which they are not entitled

■       provide information and education campaigns

■       use insights from the data to design ways to make it easier for our clients to interact with the system and get their affairs right.

The objectives of this program are to:

■       promote voluntary compliance by communicating how we use external data with our own, to help encourage taxpayers to comply with their tax and superannuation obligations,

■       ensure individuals are correctly claiming exemption from payment of the Medicare levy and Medicare

■       work with taxpayers and intermediaries to better understand the identified risks and trends for non-compliance

■       develop education strategies so compliance is better understood and easier in the future

■       speed up processing of income tax returns and payment of refunds to taxpayers who are genuinely entitled to claim these exemptions

■       undertake verification activities where the information obtained indicates a taxpayer may not be entitled to claim the exemption, either partly or in its entirety

■       help ensure that individuals and businesses are fulfilling their tax and superannuation registration, lodgment, reporting and payment obligations.

A document describing this program is available at

This program follows the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s Guidelines on data matching in Australian Government administration (2014) (the guidelines). The guidelines include standards for the use of data matching as an administrative tool in a way that:

■       complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act)

■       is consistent with good privacy practice.

A full copy of the ATO’s privacy policy can be accessed at


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